Welcome to the website of Larry the Barber Man. I am the go to guy for any barber who wants top of the line American equipment outside of the U.S. With a wide range of U.S hair clippers, trimmers, shavers and Universal hair clipper Voltage and Frequency converters – this is a great place for finding out about top range equipment outside of America, and making sure that it’s operating correctly.

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  • U.S. Hair Clippers

    U.S. hair clippers pack a serious punch – powerful motors help you chop through hair quicker, stronger casing means that they last far longer, and more versatile blades help you with popular cuts. Unlike many UK clippers that need customisation, American clippers are usually ready to go straight out of the box!

  • U.S. Hair Clipper Accessories

    A pro barber can accessorise their equipment with different blades or attachments. Blades can range from 0.2mm to 13mm, offering dramatically different results. It’s important to understand what each blade can do for you, so take some time to familiarise yourself with them when you’re first starting out.

  • U.S.Trimmers

    America also offers a great assortment of hair trimmers, for finishing up all those fine details and perfecting your client’s look. You can really get into carving out unique designs and sharpening up those lines – and just like the clippers, the build quality is always good.

  • U.S. Clipper/Trimmer Voltage and Frequency Converters

    Powering these American clippers and trimmers used to be a serious problem for people in the UK and across the world. Luckily this has all changed with the Frequency60hz converter. Bringing the frequency up to what it should be for top performance from American clippers, this product is revolutionising the way we cut hair in […]